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ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development

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Course details

CRICOS course code: 096432D

Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


The ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development is the flagship course of Australian Programming College. The course is delivered over 50 weeks in two (2) 22-week semesters, with a 2-week mid-semester break during the semesters and a 2-week break between the two semesters, totally 50 weeks. Our diploma course requires full-time classroom attendance two days a week, coupled with homework and assignment tasks for consolidating and assessing the knowledge and skills absorbed within each training session.

Australian Programming College has a mission to “train individuals with the ability to innovate in the Information Technology industry; students that will not get turned down a job due to lack of experience in the sector.” We have incorporated this mission through the rigour in our ICT50615 training program, through the constant consolidation of practice-oriented, industrially relevant skills and knowledge, woven into a training style that reflects a typical bachelor-level course.

The ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development features four main components, similar to those commonly found in a university course:

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Assignments
  • Examinations

Course Structure

Australian Programming College’s ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development comprises of the following 20 units of competency:

  • ICTWEB505 Develop complex web page layouts
  • ICTWEB506 Develop complex cascading style sheets
  • ICTPRG418 Apply intermediate programming skills in another language
  • ICTWEB502 Create dynamic web pages
  • ICTPRG406 Apply introductory object-oriented language skills
  • ICTPRG425 Use structured query language
  • ICTDBS412 Build a database
  • ICTDBS502 Design a database
  • ICTDBS504 Integrate database with a website
  • ICTWEB503 Create web-based programs
  • ICTWEB501 Build a dynamic website
  • ICTICT515 Verify client business requirements
  • ICTPRG415 Apply skills in object-oriented design
  • ICTPRG504 Deploy an application to a production environment
  • ICTPRG505 Build advanced user interface
  • ICTPRG413 Use a library or pre-existing components
  • ICTWEB508 Develop website information architecture
  • ICTWEB516 Research and apply emerging web technology trends
  • BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace
  • ICTICT418 Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment

Australian Programming College has chosen these particular units for this course, so as to support the development, application and continuous consolidation of website development skills. These units of competency have been taken from the nationally endorsed industry training package: the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Training Package. Upon successful completion of the training and assessment, the qualification ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development will be issued. A transcript list of all of the units of competency will also be issued as part of the qualification. The qualification and units of competency are nationally recognised, and provide individuals with a qualification that is recognised across Australia, and the wider Information Technology and web development industry.

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Course opportunities

Duration: 50 weeks (consists of 2 semesters, each semester 22 weeks in length)
Study mode: Full time

Australian Programming College

5-11 Noel Street
Brisbane Queensland 4127

Entry criteria

International applicants wishing to enrol in the ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development must:

Be at least 16 years of age;

Be at least partially sighted, as the coding components must be completed through looking at a graphical computer screen; and

Demonstrate that they have one or more of the following:

  • IELTS test score of at least 5.5, no bands below 5.0;
  • TOEFL test score of at least 60, with no sections below 15; or

A qualification at a diploma level or higher, taught entirely in English, and delivered by an organisation from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, The United Kingdom, or The United States of America.

In order to complete the course, students must equip themselves with the following:

A laptop running Linux / Windows XP / Mac OS X 10.6.8 or greater. A desktop can also be used for completing work outside of the classroom, but a laptop is essential for classroom study;

Access to the internet and hence the eLearning course materials, outside of the classroom.


Australian Programming College
5-11 Noel Street
Brisbane Queensland 4127