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CRICOS course code: 082520G

Level of study: Primary and High School


Year 10

Year 10 curriculum – preparation for International Baccalaureate (IB) Course

Year 10 curriculum has been developed with a number of key objectives. These are:

a) To ensure that each student is well prepared when they commence the IB Diploma Course in term 4 of Year 10.

b) To give each student exposure to each subject so that they will make principled subject selections in the IB Diploma.

c) To provide each student with insight into real world applications of the subjects that they study.

d) To inspire the students to want to continue to study in these fields in years to come.

A comprehensive overview of the course content including assessment schedule is published on the Academy e-learning site.

Senior IB curriculum

The program has the strengths of a traditional curriculum, but with three important additional features, shown at the centre of the hexagonal curriculum model.

The IBO’s international curriculum planners seek to ensure that the organisation’s educational aims are embodied in the structure and content of the program itself.

The Diploma Programme is displayed below with six academic areas or subject groups surrounding a core of requirements. Students study these subjects concurrently. Students are exposed to the two great traditions of learning: the humanities and the sciences.

At the Queensland Academies – Health Sciences Campus, students have the option of not selecting a subject from Group 6 (the arts) but instead choose an additional subject from Group 4 (sciences).

The IB rates each student’s performance within each subject on a scale of 1-7 and offers 3 extra points through additional assessments through Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. Most assessments are carried out externally to ensure validity.

This means that students can achieve a total of 45 points through the Diploma with a minimum of 24 required to be awarded the Diploma.

Temporary residents can apply to enter Year 7, however, must hold a temporary or permanent visa for at least the duration of Years 7-9. Queensland Academies is not accredited to enrol international students in Years 7, 8 or 9. In the event a Temporary Resident visa holder enrolled in Years 7, 8 or 9 changed to an International Student Visa, enrolment at QASMT would be cancelled. Candidates seeking to attend QASMT as a Temporary Resident need to provide a copy of their Authority to Enrol letter on application (contact the Temporary Residents Admissions Centre to apply for this, prior to applying to Queensland Academies).

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Start date: 11 July 2022
04 October 2022
Duration: 208 weeks
Study mode: Full time

Queensland Academies Health Sciences

102 Edmund Rice Drive
Gold Coast Queensland 4215


Queensland Academies Health Sciences
102 Edmund Rice Drive
Gold Coast Queensland 4215