Course details

CRICOS course code: 0100495

Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


The Diploma of Counselling course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to undertake generic counselling work using established counselling modalities. They learn communication, micro-counselling and interviewing skills and draw on varied counselling therapies to assist clients.


At the conclusion of the diploma students will be equipped:

To undertake counselling roles who work clients on personal and psychological issues with the skills and knowledge within the framework.
To work in defined and supported counselling roles in established agencies.
To use communication skills including micro-counselling and interviewing skills to assist clients.
To draw on varied counselling therapies to client’s various issues.


The Diploma course can be completed in 2 years studied full-time. Part-time study options are available. Each subject takes 80 hrs on average to complete. Students need to spend around 17 hours in studying a week. To complete the Diploma of counselling, 17 units of competency are required including 13 core units and 4 elective units. (see course structure part below for the specific descriptions)


The training and assessment are delivered online or mixture of different modes for local or overseas students. However, international program in Australia is delivered in a mixture mode (face to face mostly and little bit of online)

At the Diploma (AQF 5) level:

competency involves the self-directed application of knowledge with substantial depth in some areas and a range of technical and other related skills to tasks, roles, and functions in both varied and highly specific contexts
competencies are normally used independently and both routinely and non-routinely
judgment is required in planning and selecting appropriate services, techniques and work organisation for self and others
competencies are likely to be applied under broad guidance
the work of others may be supervised or teams guided
responsibility for the planning and management of the work of others may be involved

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Course opportunities

Tuition Fees (AUD $): 4,000 for each semesters; 2,000 for each terms; 200 for Application fee;... Read more4,000 for each semesters; 2,000 for each terms; 200 for Application fee; Late fee: 5% of term fee or semester fee
Start date: October 2021
February 2022
May 2022
Duration: 2 years
Study mode: Self study / online (with attendance)

Brisbane Campus

2642 Logan Road
Brisbane Queensland 4113

Entry criteria

To gain entry into CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling, candidates should over 18 years of age and have a high school certificate, its equivalent. It is recommended that candidates have relevant experience to indicate likely success at this level of qualification in a job role involving:

The self-directed application of knowledge with substantial depth in some areas
The exercise of independent judgement and decision-making
The application of relevant technical and other skills.


Australian College of Christianity
Canberra Campus
Gate 2 Randwick Road Canberra Australian Capital Territory 2602