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CRICOS course code: 084797G

Level of study: Primary and High School


At St Andrew's Anglican College, we are committed to providing a rich and diverse educational experience that promotes engagement, equity and excellence. Our students experience learning opportunities to develop and grow in a supportive, caring, challenging and inspiring environment. Our teaching and learning staff are committed to developing strong, positive relationships with their students in a learning atmosphere that enables students to be engaged and to grow at a rate that is commensurate with their levels of knowledge and understanding.

The Primary School offers a stimulating curriculum to its students. We aim to foster in each child a love for learning in a safe and secure environment. This is achieved through the delivery of an integrated learning approach by each class teacher and within the caring culture and varied opportunities which exist within the school. There is a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy within the academic program.

The Walker Learning Approach is based upon years of research about child development theory and brain research.

This pedagogy is embedded from Prep to Year 6. We have transformed our classrooms into beautiful inviting learning spaces that are exciting and engaging for our children. Our teachers deserve great credit for creating such outstanding classroom environments and also for the richness of their teaching. We have students who have made amazing gains in their creativity, oral language and in their ability to think and solve problems. Seeing Investigations and Reflection Time used to springboard to explicit teaching lessons later in the day has enabled learning to be meaningful and well-scaffolded.

Prep - Year 2

Walker Learning in the Early Years was first implemented at St Andrew’s in 2015. The classrooms are a welcoming learning environment with intentional learning spaces designed to promote skills and learning through open-ended investigations.

The key elements of Walker Learning in these Early Years include:

Tuning in and Reflection

Investigations - 40 mins, four times a week

Children’s interests linked to Learning Intentions

Focus children, Reporter, Photographer

Common language across all year levels

Scaffolded links to explicit teaching in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Humanities.

Years 3 - 6

In Years 3 - 6, the students continue to develop their skills and knowledge through a number of new elements within the Walker Learning Approach. The key elements of the Walker Learning Approach in this stage include:

Uses a project-based approach for key discipline subject areas such as Science, History, Health, which match directly to the Australian Curriculum.

Creates the learning environment intentionally to de-institutionalize the learning area, provide opportunities for the children to work individually, in small groups and whole groups, and values and respects the child, their needs, culture and context.

Uses authentic integrated curriculum model where all subject areas are contextualized and incorporated into the Education Research Project.

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Course opportunities

Tuition Fees (AUD $): Tuition Fee: (Prep to Year 3): 18,240 Per Annum; Year 4 to 6: 18,640 Per... Read moreTuition Fee: (Prep to Year 3): 18,240 Per Annum; Year 4 to 6: 18,640 Per Annum
Start date: 19 April 2021
12 July 2021
Duration: 364 weeks
Study mode: Full time

St Andrew's Anglican College

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St Andrew's Anglican College
40 Peregian Springs Drive
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