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Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching

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Course details

CRICOS course code: 105457E

Level of study: Pathways to Undergraduate


The Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching equips you with advanced skills and knowledge to become a senior yoga teacher and to be able to teach yoga to a wider audience including people of various age groups and people with special needs.

This course follows the Diploma of Yoga Teaching, which you must complete first and which fully qualifies you as a yoga instructor.

The Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching is the cumulation of three years @ 600 hours per year of study. It continues to expand you from your earlier beginnings in Certificate IV in Yoga, developing you as a teacher through our Diploma of Yoga Teaching, with deeper approaches to yoga subjects that comprise transformative change and enlightened leadership.


At the successful completion of this course, you will receive an Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching Certificate. This course will to provide you with a range of advanced knowledge, skills and specific competencies to enable you to be a much needed senior yoga teacher in the community.

The learning outcomes in this program enable you to transfer and apply advanced theoretical concepts and technical skills to a range of situations. It offers opportunities to explore yoga teaching at an advanced level with an understanding of the physical, emotional and restorative effects of yoga postures, yoga breathing and relaxation, together with facilitating students in asana work. Such skills can be applied across a range of roles in a variety on contexts.

The course is designed to equip you as a yoga teacher with the skills to:-

  • Analyse, diagnose, design and execute judgments across a broad range of technical and management functions
  • Generate ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level
  • Demonstrate a command of wide ranging, highly specialised, technical, creative and conceptual skills
  • Demonstrate accountability for personal and group outputs.

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Course opportunities

Tuition Fees (AUD $): 29,250 for the entire course. 250 for Enrollment fee
Start date: 04 October 2022
23 January 2023
17 April 2023
Duration: 156 weeks
Study mode: Full time

Health Institute Australasia

Level 1/18 Rawlins street
Gold Coast Queensland 4215

Entry criteria

Because of the intense teaching practicum and involved nature of the course, it is a prerequisite and compulsory that course participants have:-

  • Completed the Certificate IV in Yoga Education
  • And an additional 600 hours from Diploma of Yoga Teaching
  • And at least one year of regular yoga practice
  • IELTS score 5.5 is required


Health Institute Australasia
Level 1/18 Rawlins street
Gold Coast Queensland 4215