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CUA51015 - Diploma of Screen and Media (Filmmaking)

New York Film Academy Australia

Course details

CRICOS course code: 094155C

Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


New York Film Academy Australia delivers the nationally recognised program CUA51015 - Diploma of Screen and Media with selected subjects focusing on filmmaking. The Academy's CUA51015 - Diploma of Screen and Media - Filmmaking program gives students all of the fundamental skills necessary to make their own films. The program is divided into two semesters with two-weeks of break in between. The curriculum integrates intensive study in all the major filmmaking disciplines including cinematography, directing, screenwriting, and editing. During their time at the New York Film Academy Australia, filmmaking students write, shoot, direct, and edit their own unique HD short films and exercises, while also crewing for their classmates. All projects are edited digitally.

Students complete this Diploma of Screen and Media program with skills in all the filmmaking crafts; gaining valuable hands-on production experience and an expanded awareness of themselves and the influence of their work. Students' final films are celebrated in a screening open to cast, crew, friends, family, and invited guests.


Students are immediately tasked with completing a variety of intensive subjects that examine directing, screenwriting, producing, camera, lighting, editing, and acting. Lectures and assignments will impart useful theory, which students will then apply by producing their own short films. This combination of theoretical and hands-on learning is a hallmark of the New York Film Academy.

Working in crews of three or four, each student writes, produces, directs and edits films of increasing complexity. In addition, each student fulfills the essential roles of director of photography, assistant camera operator, and gaffer (lighting technician) on the films of her/his classmates. Thus, everyone has the extensive hands-on experience of working on set as crew and as director throughout the entire semester.


  • Learn the art and technique of visual storytelling including directing, cinematography, and screenwriting.
  • Learn the fundamentals of digital video production and digital editing.
  • Practice safe and proper on-set protocol.


The creation of 4 unique projects surrounding the following concepts:

  • Mise-En-Scene
  • Continuity
  • Montage
  • Non-Sync Storytelling


The second semester challenges students to develop their film craft artistically and technically, and to progress beyond their earlier experiments with the medium. It is designed to enable students to create a Hi-Def Short Final Film. Each student cultivates a script in the second semester for his/her final project of the program.

The semester is divided into a number of distinct phases. The first is devoted to intensive hands-on instruction, demonstration, group directing exercises, production workshops, individual consultations, and pre-production (including casting, rehearsal, and location scouting). The second phase of the semester is the production period, when students direct their own films and crew on their classmates' films. The third phase of the semester is devoted to post-production. During this phase, students edit digitally, receive instruction, screen rough-cuts of the films, participate in feedback/workshopping sessions, and then finish their films for a final group screening.


  • Continued filmmaking craft exploration, including directing, casting, producing, cinematography, editing, and production sound.
  • Learn expanded fundamentals of HD Production.
  • Fundamental training in acting craft and directing actors.
  • Expanded understanding and practice in set etiquette and crew collaboration.

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Course opportunities

Tuition Fees (AUD $): 33,500 Per Year Read more16,750 per semester
Start date: 07 September 2020
25 January 2021
10 May 2021
Duration: 2 semesters
Study mode: Full time

New York Film Academy Australia

Southport Central Towers Central 2E
5 Lawson Street Gold Coast Queensland 4215

Entry criteria

Students must have completed High School Certificate or Equivalent.

Equivalence to High School Certificate

  • Australian Qualification at or Above AQF Level 4 OR
  • Completion of Core Skills Profile for Adult - Numeracy and Reading at or Above Exit Level 3

They must have an English Language Proficiency at Appropriate Level (e.g. Academic IELTS 5.5).


New York Film Academy Australia
Southport Central Towers Central 2E
5 Lawson Street Gold Coast Queensland 4215