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CRICOS course code: 085601E

Level of study: Primary and High School


The Primary Years is the place where the values associated with recognition and acknowledgment of the attributes and sensitivities of others are found. We create an environment conducive to growth for pre-adolescent students.


Based upon the Australian Curriculum, the Primary curriculum at Toowoomba Anglican School consists of sequenced learning through relevant and contextually based units of work in each year level. These units are supported by a Pedagogical Framework and will continue to adapt to any new evidence that may support differing practices. Together, the Curriculum Framework and the Pedagogical Framework form the basis of all teaching and learning within the Primary Years.

Our school’s focus on each individual ensures comprehensive and stimulating educational programs are offered to all students. Currently the Primary Years encompasses Kindergarten (3 - 4 ½ year old's) to Year 6 (11-12 year old's). Within the Primary Years, learning programs are designed and delivered to reflect differing developmental stages of the students. Our Head of Primary Years works closely with teaching staff to develop and implement learning programs that are reflective of current education trends and quality instruction. Our staff align their practices to a researched Pedagogical Framework and a clear Curriculum Framework to guide their teaching and learning. The Head of Primary liaises closely with teachers to investigate outcomes data and coaching procedures to ensure our practice has a clear improvement agenda. This Teaching and Learning cycle provides clear direction and purpose around the educational programs delivered to our students.

Our curriculum is organised around the key learning areas nominated by the Australian Curriculum. It is enhanced by other interest based programs to make the learning experience meaningful, stimulating and linked to other knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Key subject areas include:

Humanities and Social Sciences
A Language other than English - French
Digital and Design Technologies
Health and Personal Development
Physical Education
Religious Education

Our curriculum, in alignment with the Australian Curriculum, is responsive to the needs of modern learners and caters to individual needs. A skilled and expert Learning Enhancement Centre team, supports teachers to provide differentiated and individualised programs to cater to these individual needs, whether through learning support or extension and enrichment activities.


Our contemporary, innovative and holistic curriculum is underpinned by the dedication of our teachers to deliver the most successful learning outcomes for our students. To provide an innovative curriculum, a highly skilled workforce is required and at Toowoomba Anglican School, our teachers are constantly challenged to hone their craft to continue to be the best in the nation.

Providing teachers with professional growth and development strategies and opportunities is vital to improving teacher ability. Toowoomba Anglican School is focused on effective, evidence-based performance and development processes that contribute to the growth and development of every teacher.

Teachers are supported by a Pedagogical Framework which describes the way in which teachers plan and develop their teaching based on best practice research. All teachers use this framework to ensure innovative and research based teaching practices are implemented and ultimately, enhanced learning outcomes for all our students are achieved.


Built on the school’s overarching principle that Every Child is Known, learning programs reflect a diversity of needs and capabilities in our student body. Informed by observation and by evidence,

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Start date: 04 October 2023
Duration: 312 weeks
Study mode: Full time

Toowoomba Anglican School

2 Campbell Street
Toowoomba Queensland 4350


Toowoomba Anglican School
2 Campbell Street
Toowoomba Queensland 4350