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CRICOS course code: 085935E

Level of study: Primary and High School


A TSS Education embraces the whole of life, recognising that obtaining knowledge is one thing while the “getting of wisdom” is another. As a consequence, we offer a learning experience that is balanced and holistic, one that moves outside the classroom to complement academic achievement with the development of a range of life-skill designed to progressively reveal the full individual potential of each boys as he matures towards manhood.

In the co-curricular sphere an integrated arts and cultural program open avenues for self-expression and personal development through music, art, drama, and multimedia. Further opportunities for expanding horizons are provided through a wide variety of activities and students clubs such as Chess, Public Speaking, Karate, Young Engineers Robotics, Gifted and Talented workshops and Days of Excellence.

TSS certainly produces graduates of high scholastic calibre, but more importantly, we produce outstanding young men who exhibit confidence, responsibility, leadership, commendable ethics and emotional intelligence.

Curriculum at The Preparatory School – Preschool to Year 6

At TSS Preparatory School we believe the Primary years (Preschool – Year 6) are distinctive. Where secondary and tertiary education is increasingly organised around subjects and disciplines, we believe primary schooling should be organised around children. To this end, our Preparatory School classrooms are characterised by enjoyment, engagement, discovery, and curiosity. We want our students to experience wonder and excitement and we encourage them to take risks (sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail) as well as to take increasing responsibility and to become more independent learners. This, we believe, is the basis for life-long learning.

TSS Preparatory School teachers form close and sustained relationships with their students as they support them in becoming more independent and open to new experiences. Our teachers have a deep understanding of how boys learn, how they learn about learning and what they need to learn (core curriculum areas). They combine careful attention to the stage of development of each individual with high expectations and a concern to set high standards for all children. They balance the need for the explicit teaching of core concepts, knowledge and skills, with innovative ways of encouraging cooperative work, research, problem solving and student management of elements of their learning.

In developing our students to be self-responsible so that they become motivated to learn for life, we believe it is essential to provide a curriculum designed for the ‘whole boy’.

Key educational features of the Preparatory School include:

  • English, Mathematics, Science, and HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Lego Robotics Program
  • ICT – Information Communication Technology
  • Literacy Quest – Boys’ Reading Program (Individualised Differentiation)
  • Honours Program
  • Learning supported by integrated computer technology
  • Specialist library dedicated to the needs of our younger students
  • Arrowsmith Program
  • LOTE (Language Other Than English) – Chinese
  • Music Program
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • Differentiated classes in Mathematics and English for all students

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Course opportunities

Start date: 27 January 2022
20 April 2022
12 July 2022
Duration: 364 weeks
Study mode: Full time

The Southport School

2 Winchester Street
Gold Coast Queensland 4215


The Southport School
2 Winchester Street
Gold Coast Queensland 4215