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Primary School (Prep - Year 6)

Brisbane Christian College

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CRICOS course code: 086308B

Level of study: Primary and High School


Our Primary School recognises every student as being a valued individual who is to be given every opportunity to grow to become all that God wants him/her to be. Our classrooms reflect the Christian culture of our College. We reward our students for positive behaviour and discourage anything that would prevent any student from succeeding. Our weekly Primary School Chapel time, Christian songs, Bible lessons and prayer contribute to building the thinking and behaviour in our students that our College recognises as important.

We believe learning should be a fun activity. Our students are kept busy with many different activities that are always productive educationally. Over the last few years many new books, maths games and educational computer games have been added to our resources making our classrooms exciting places to be.

Throughout a normal day, you may see students sitting on the floor discussing a Science topic or a book with their teacher, or you may see students working quietly at their desks completing written work. Students may be seen working with a partner on a joint piece of writing, spelling or even working in small groups on an Art or SOSE project. Music, PE, Computer Technology, fitness and healthy eating are all important aspects of the Primary School’s weekly program.

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Course opportunities

Tuition Fees (AUD $): Please contact the school
Duration: 364 weeks
Study mode: Full time

Primary School Campus

109 Golda Avenue
Brisbane Queensland 4107


Brisbane Christian College
Middle and Secondary School Campus
63 Fairlie Terrace Brisbane Queensland 4107