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CRICOS course code: 094632A

Level of study: English Language Courses


Our Primary School Preparation Course (PSP) will help your child become confident users of English. The course is aimed at children wishing to move into an Australian Primary school, and would like to start school with a better level of English, or for children who are coming to Australia for a holiday and would like to learn English during their stay. Primary School Preparation students will learn through an engaging, stimulating, hands-on experience with materials suited to your child's developmental stage. Each level focuses on learner outcomes (language skills development, literacy and literature, web and numeracy) through English, Literature, Pronunciation, CLIL, Creative Arts and also YLE exam practice. Literature is vital for developing Reading and writing skills, but also vocabulary, grammar and creative and critical thought development. Our PSP classes include use of graded readers which will help them learn how to read, respond, explore and apply learnt concepts. Pronunciation is taught through a program used and delivered throughout Australian Primary Government Schools (THRASS). This program teaches learners about letters, speech sounds and spelling choices of English. The initial stages of the each level will commence using sight words. These are the most common words in English and are the most important words in learning to read and write. Every day, an hour is dedicated to English through subject specific topics, or Content Language Integrated Language (CLIL). This includes English through Mathematics, Science (such as biology, animal behavior and plants), Geography (such as maps, natural landscapes, climate and environment), ICT and Physical Education. There are also three classes per week of Creative Arts, which incorporates visual art, music, drama, song and dance. Course Description: Monday to Friday; 20 hours in class per week plus 5 additional hours linked to the BROWNS Accelerate program which includes learner centered review and language activities completed off campus; Age specific outcomes and teaching techniques; Each level is ten weeks in duration; A course book is used for the morning sessions; Consolidation through continuous practice and review; Regular progress reports. Entry Requirements: Beginner English language level or above; Appropriate for age turning 6 years old up to 11 years old; Student visa , Visitor visa or Dependent visa.

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