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Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours)

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Course details

Level of study: Bachelor's Degrees


This course will develop graduates who will be able to provide creative solutions, by integrating a Christian worldview and discipline expertise, to complex issues such as social and environmental responsibility. Skills in problem solving and communication to transfer complex knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences are developed alongside high-level specialist knowledge and expertise in the graduates’ chosen discipline area of Business, Education or Theology.

Course Structure:

The course structure is based on two semesters (each of 12 weeks duration, plus an exam week), with 40 credit points taught in each semester. It comprises:

One 20 credit point research methods subject.

One 40 credit point honours research thesis (15,000 words) in the area of specialisation.

One 20 credit point methods, theories and practices subject taken from the area of specialisation.

To qualify for award of the degree of Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) a candidate shall complete at least 80 credit points, including satisfactory completion of the core subjects.




Integrated understanding of key issues, theoretical concepts and practices within the discipline area.

Knowledge of various approaches used in the discipline area within the Christian worldview framework.



Critically apply knowledge developed for use in the discipline area.

Use critical, evidenced based and innovative thinking skills to analyse and synthesise ideas and theories from other disciplines related to the discipline area.

Design a research question that explores an original and complex issue and propose solutions.

Communicate effectively ideas and proposed solutions to peers and general audiences.

Identify and critically evaluate new developments and scholarship in the discipline area.

Application of Knowledge and Skills:

Demonstrated ability to:

Apply the knowledge and skills developed within the selected research field to engage with new questions and find innovative and creative solutions.

Work independently and responsibly in the selected research field.

Effectively design, implement and communicate a major honours thesis in the selected research field to contribute original knowledge and expertise to peers and the community.

Develop an advanced level of integrative reflection which will inform and enhance professional practice.

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Course opportunities

Tuition Fees (AUD $): 2,850 per 10 credit points; International Student Application Fee: 100
Start date: Expected August 2023
Duration: 1 year
Study mode: Full time

AC Brisbane Campus

48 O'Keefe Street
Brisbane Queensland 4102

Entry criteria


Applicants with Recent Secondary Education (within the past 2 years)

This course requires the completion of previous higher education study.

Applicants with Vocational Education and Training (VET) Study

This course requires the completion of previous higher education study.

Applicants with Higher Education Study

Applicants seeking entry on the basis of a higher education qualification will need to demonstrate the completion of an AQF Level 7 bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, or overseas equivalent. This must include an overall GPA at least 2.8.

Applicants with Work and Life Experience

This course requires the completion of previous higher education study.


Overseas students are required to demonstrate their English proficiency skills. Such students admitted into our programs must attain an overall IELTS (or equivalent) score of 7.0 (with no score below 6.5 in any of the four skills areas).


Alphacrucis College
Sydney Campus
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